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I have loved to read since I was little. I would borrow many books from the library and still borrow to this day, but I also purchase books (mostly for my kids) and freebies on Kindle. I read as much as I can daily. Sometimes I read several books at one time. I don't have a preference of paper book over an ebook, I just love to read. Keeping lists of what I have read is a good way for me to remember. 

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Single, Female and Religious Calling?

And Then There Were Nuns: Adventures in a Cloistered Life - Jane Christmas

Jane has been dating Colin in a long distance relationship (Canada and England) for awhile and he has finally proposed. This proposal comes at the same time that Jane has seen an advertisement for a religious order. She asks her fiancee to have patience with her as she goes on the retreat. While at the first convent she finds that she has found something that she needs and goes on a trek to a Catholic Monastery and Convent in England and then another Anglican Convent. The Catholic Convent says she is too old to become a nun and that her former marriages, children, and divorces keep her from being a nun and that she can never marry again if she wants to have a relationship with God. This attitude forces her to leave where she is staying early. It is at the Anglican convent that she again finds herself and helps her to forgive herself for something that happened to her long ago. 


I really enjoyed this story as it gave insight into religious and the government's attitude toward them and sometimes their attitude to others.