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I have loved to read since I was little. I would borrow many books from the library and still borrow to this day, but I also purchase books (mostly for my kids) and freebies on Kindle. I read as much as I can daily. Sometimes I read several books at one time. I don't have a preference of paper book over an ebook, I just love to read. Keeping lists of what I have read is a good way for me to remember. 

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First Book of Second Group of The Books of the Gardener

Orlo: The Created (The Books of the Gardener - Orlo) (Volume 1) - Lauren H. Brandenburg

This book is set in the Underground, like the previous books. People are assigned jobs by the Gardener. Orlo was a Deliverer. He would deliver things from one garden to another, he would bring things back from other gardens, but he fiddles. He fiddles with things that he finds laying around. He created a beautiful item for his foster mother. He is then chastised for making this gift. While he recuperates from a burn he received on his hand, he learns about the contest. He wanted to participate but the rules state only one from each home can participate and his foster father has stood up and asked to participate, but just before the competition his foster father has disappeared, he wants to find him and bring him home for his foster mother and Orlo participates in the competition and wins, but many things happen and he learns some lessons. 


A wonderful story that shows that everyone has their strengths and that they should be able to use their strengths. I highly recommend this book for many Middle Schoolers and also for anyone who just wants a good read.