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I have loved to read since I was little. I would borrow many books from the library and still borrow to this day, but I also purchase books (mostly for my kids) and freebies on Kindle. I read as much as I can daily. Sometimes I read several books at one time. I don't have a preference of paper book over an ebook, I just love to read. Keeping lists of what I have read is a good way for me to remember. 

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Pillsbury Family Christmas Cookbook

Pillsbury Family Christmas Cookbook: Celebrate the Season with More Than 150 Recipes, Plus Fun Craft Ideas - Pillsbury Editors

This book is filled with foods to make for Christmas, meals, desserts and gifts. It was a fun book to flip through and there were recipes we marked to try. 

Doughnuts: 90 Simple and Delicious Recipes to Make at Home

Doughnuts: 90 Simple and Delicious Recipes to Make at Home - Lara Ferroni

I have a recipe from my mother to make doughnuts with. When the girls were little we made them more frequently on a weekend. They loved it. My husband always dreamed of having a doughnut shop and so would buy doughnut mixes and things to make doughnuts with. This was just a fun book that we marked several recipes to try. 

Privy to the Dead

Privy to the Dead - Sheila Connolly

This was a different kind of story. The MC is a museum director who has been given funds specifically for renovating the museum. While in the basement with the foreman, they find a covered area that is believed to have been a privy to a previous house on that site. She requests that all the "trash" be carefully collected and then the curators can go through it and see if there is anything interesting. After the privy is cleaned out, a worker for the site is believed to have been murdered outside the museum. It is in trying to find out what he had found that Nell and Martha find out about Martha's family and what was taken from the privy. 


This was an interesting story and I thought it was interesting that in the collection of "items" it was just gathered up without thorough documentation. It was interesting to read the search of records to find out answers for a murder that happened recently and one that happened over a hundred years before. 

The Keepsake

The Keepsake - Tess Gerritsen

The book starts in California, where the mother and daughter are living and hiding and hoping that they cannot be found. But one night, the mother discovers that her daughter left the windows in her room open and when she goes into check on her daughter, she finds a man standing over her daughter. During the struggle, the man is shot and killed. Then we go to modern day Massachusetts and Dr. Isles has been asked to come and watch the MRI of the mummy found in the basement of the museum. It is discovered that the mummy is not as old as they thought, this begins a search for a serial killer. 


I really enjoy the Rizzoli and Isles books, almost as much as the show. I found the show first and loved it, when it went off the air, I was watching the show through HULU, I saw the credits and saw that it was based on the books by Terri Gerritsen. I started borrowing here and there as they came available. 

A Fatal Chapter

A Fatal Chapter (A Booktown Mystery) - Lorna Barrett

Tricia's bookstore has caught fire and she is waiting for the insurance to finish dotting the i's and crossing the t's and pay off her claim. She is living in the Chamber's upstairs apartment while working for them as a volunteer. She also helps her sister, Angelica, take care of her dog. She is out walking him one day, when they find the President of the Historical Society, in the gazebo. He whispers a cryptic message to her and then dies at the hospital. She is just out and about and she starts learning things that lead her to find out who really murdered him. 


I enjoy the Book Town Mysteries. This one did make me cry at the end. 

As the Christmas Cookie Crumbles

As the Christmas Cookie Crumbles (A Food Lovers' Village Mystery) - Leslie Budewitz

Erin Murphy's wedding is getting closer and so is Christmas. While the town decorated the storefronts in Jewel Bay, MT, she and her fiance, Andy, discover they have the wrong lights for their building. She takes them to the correct store to come upon her former kindergarten teacher screaming at her oldest daughter. Erin brings Merrily back to the Merc with her and they become friends. But she is found dead the Monday after the fight on her parent's property and is being accused of stealing from the company that had hired her, a former boyfriend. 


Erin receives a phone call from the owner of the hardware store, where Merrily had been employed, he asks for her help, but then starts pushing her away. This doesn't stop her and the new deputy from Florida doesn't seem to be interested to hear what she knows and she is more determined to find out who had murdered Merrily. 


This was a really good story for me. It is holiday themed, Christmas, and took care of another state that I hadn't finished on the reading challenge I am working on (all 50 states). I listened to this story more than reading it, getting an ebook version was difficult and I was driving a lot Thursday and Friday. 

Murder at Monticello

Murder at Monticello - Wendy Wray, Sneaky Pie Brown, Rita Mae Brown

Book 3. I know I am reading out of order, but I read as I am able to obtain. I borrowed this in both hardcover and audio format. I was listening to the story as I was driving and reading when I was at home. Harry is divorced from Fair and he is trying to win her back and tells her all that has been happening since he has been out of her life. She is working in the post office and taking care of her animals. She and Mrs. H and Big Mim are all interested in what is happening up at Thomas Jefferson's House - Monticello. A body is found in a pit being dug on the property in the slave houses. After the body is found, the sheriff is called and the remains are researched to find out who the man is and why he was buried under the fireplace. In the research, the researcher is killed for something that he found out. Now the race is on for Harry, Mrs. H and Cooper to find out who murdered him. 


I enjoyed this story. I have never been to Monticello, but it is on my bucket list. We try to go someplace different with the teens before they are on their own and exploring. 



Santa Clawed

Santa Clawed - Sneaky Pie Brown, Rita Mae Brown

Fair Harristeen and Harry Harristeen are back together. It is Christmas and she still has the farm and 2 cats and 1 dog. You meet the Brothers of Love who are men who have been in trouble for something and are doing penance with the "Catholic" Brothers by earning monies to help sick children and helping them go to the other side while praying by their side. 


Harry and her friend find one of the Brothers dead with his throat cut at the tree lot and this starts a progression to find out who is murdering the Brothers. 


I had to spend most of the day in the car driving today, so I used to audio to listen and then book to read while I sat waiting for my kids to come out of their activities. I had read this book some time ago and so after awhile, I started remembering the story. Good story close to Christmas. I am trying to read holiday stories around the holiday. 

The Big Book of Diabetic Desserts

The Big Book of Diabetic Desserts - Jackie Mills

I loved this one. My father and father-in-law are both diabetic and so is my husband. They love desserts but cannot have them. This was filled with lovely sugar-free desserts that my daughter and I can make for them, especially for birthdays. I will be hanging onto for a little bit and making a list of ingredients that I will need so that I can make something from it for my dad's birthday this weekend. I will also be buying it. 


Type 2 Diabetes Cookbook

Type 2 Diabetes Cookbook - Jackie Mills, Sheri Giblin

While it was an interesting and informative cookbook, too many of the recipes were made up of foods I could not have. 

Debbie Macomber's Christmas Cookbook

Debbie Macomber's Christmas Cookbook: Favorite Recipes and Holiday Traditions from My Home to Yours - Debbie Macomber

This covers a wide spectrum of meals that you can make, baking with kids (or Grandma and kids) and making things to give from the kitchen. This is such a fun book, I will be borrowing it from the library again. 

Double Delicious

Double Delicious!: Good, Simple Food for Busy, Complicated Lives - Jessica Seinfeld

Foods that are good and delicious but that take very little time to prepare. I like fast meals because sometimes I just need to be able to fix something quickly. Other times I like to make meals that take some time. This is on my list to buy. 


homemade - Judith Choate

This book is filled with recipes for things you can make and give as a gift. Some of the things were not something I could make for most of the people I would give to, too much sugar. 

Chocolate Sensations

Chocolate Sensations: Over 200 Easy-to-Make Recipes - Reader's Digest Association, Reader's Digest Association, Lee Faber

I love this book, also. But then I do love making desserts. This is such a fun collection of chocolate desserts and so many are easy to make. I think I will be borrowing it again after Thanksgiving to start making our Christmas goodies to deliver to First Responders as a Thank you for all they do all year long. 

What Can I Bring? Cookbook

What Can I Bring? Cookbook - Anne Byrn,  Susan Goldman (Photographer)

I love this book! It has recipes for soups, cakes, meals, and snacks. This is great for when you go to a party and have to bring something. It is good for finding something that a person can bring to a friend or relative who has had surgery is just ill. I have found a copy and put it in my watch list on Amazon.

Hershey's Classic Recipes

Hershey's Classic Recipes - The Hershey Company, Various, Michael Jaroszko



Lots of chocolate cakes and cookies and candies made with Hershey's chocolate and cocoa. Love this book. I am going to have to find my own copy.